Agroforestry: Present Status and Way Forward
Edited by Dr. S. K. Dhyani et al.
  • ISBN : 9788176223492
  • year : 2016
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This book entitled ?Agroforestry: Present Status and Way Forward? is an attempt to address present status and identify the future thrust areas for agroforestry research. In order to review the present status of agroforestry research in India and move ahead, review articles were invited from agroforestry researchers, managers and entrepreneurs from different part of the country, addressing various issues of agroforestry. The review articles were grouped under five themes (Present and Future Perspective, Tree Improvement, Livelihood, employment opportunities, ecosystem services and modern tools and procedure in Agroforestry). Each theme has a number of chapters. The present status and future perspective of Agroforestry research in different part of the country has been described in the first chapter. In second theme tree improvement strategies for Agroforestry are presented. Carbon sequestration potential of Agroforestry systems has perhaps become the single most popular research area during the past few years. Other ecosystem services as conservation of natural resources, restoration of degraded lands and mitigate climate change for which Agroforestry is a potential tool has been discussed and emphasized under the third theme. Livelihood, employment opportunities, value addition has also been clearly illustrated in theme four. Theme five comprise of six chapters, the focus is on using modern science in Agroforestry, address the issues like extent of Agroforestry in India, biomass and carbon stock in trees existing on farmers field, biofuel, use of biotechnological tools and IPR issues in agroforestry