Agriculture Sector in Inclusive Growth: Causes, Consequences and Remedies (The Indian Economic Association)
Edited by Dr Sanjay Kumar
  • ISBN : 9788193472583
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Agriculture Sector in Inclusive Growth : Causes, Consequences and Remedies Contents : Agriculture Sector in Inclusive Growth; Inclusive Growth and Agriculture Development; Agricultural Finance and Inclusive Growth; Agriculture Development and Inclusive Growth; Indian Agriculture Sector in Inclusive Growth : Development and Policy Measures; Inclusive Growth in Agriculture Sector; Promote Agricultural Development through Inclusive Growth; Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change; Future Perspective of Indian Agricultural Growth; Agriculture and Rural Growth; Challenges before Agriculture Growth; Indian Agricultural Growth; Agricultural Productivity; Perspective of Future Challenges and Options in Agriculture; Future Perspective on Indian Agricultural Growth; Evaluating and Futures of Crop Insurance Schemes; Be Bright Future of Indian Agriculture through Solving the Problem of Food Inflation; The Future of Indian Agriculture; Impact on Climate Change; Climate Change Impact and Crop Insurance in India; Empirical Evidence of Future Indian Agriculture; Climate Change and its Impact on Agricultural Production, Food Security and Water Management in India and South Asia; Climate Change, Agricultural Productivity and Adaptations; Agriculture and Environment for Inclusive Economic Growth; Green Revolution with Protection of Environment; Environmental Impacts of Productivity—Enhancing Crop Technologies on Eco-System and Human Life; Impact of Green Revolution on Agricultural Development; Climate Change and its Impact on Indian Agriculture.