Agriculture and Rural Transformation: Issues and Challenges (With Special Reference to North-East India)
Edited by B. Kilangla Jamir and Giribabu M
  • ISBN : 9788131610886
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Agriculture and Rural Transformation covers various issues related to agricultural and rural development. The term rural transformation has multi-dimensional connotations and it has been interpreted from different aspects. From the economic perspective, issues were by and large, equated with development approach. Knowledge development and innovation in the rural sector are taken up seriously for increasing production or productivity and returns, as well as, for generating employment in rural areas. Achieving 8–9 per cent rate of growth in overall GDP may not deliver much in terms of poverty reduction unless agricultural growth accelerates. Furthermore, growth with inclusiveness can be achieved only when agricultural growth hastens and is also widely shared amongst people and regions of the country. In recent years, government initiated many policy reforms and incentives for farmers to meet market demands, farmer-oriented agricultural research, progressive widening of regional and national markets, diversification of rural economy and promoting rural industrialisation, thereby, strengthening the rural infrastructure for changing the various facets of rural transformation in India. Thus, understanding the role of agriculture for rural transformation is important, which in turn needs to explain the institutional supports and governmental policy interventions that affect agricultural development. This book deals with various dimensions of agricultural and rural transformations taking place both macro and micro levels.