Agricultural Growth in India: Land Use Pattern, Irrigation and Crisis (The Indian Economic Association)
Edited by Dr Ramayan Prasad
  • ISBN : 9788193637807
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Agricultural Growth in India : Land Use Pattern, Irrigation and Crisis Contents: Changes in Land Use Pattern and Environmental Degradation; Structural Changes in Land Holding; Agriculture Women, Livelihood and Land Resource; Causes, Consequences and Remedial Measures of Declining Share of Agriculture in GDP; Present Situation of the Indian Agriculture and Reasons for the Reduction of its Share in GDP; Determinants of Declining Share of Agriculture in Gross Domestic Product in the Pre- and Post-Reform Period; Declining Share of Agriculture and Allied Services in India’s GDP; Analysis of Declining Share of Agriculture in GDP; Causes, Consequences and Remedial Measures of Declining Share of Agriculture in GDP; Agriculture Development and Policy Initiatives; Agriculture Development and Prospect; Strategies and Initiatives for the Development of Agriculture; A Critical Analysis of Agricultural Development; Development of Agriculture Sector; New Technology and Indian Agriculture; Performance of the Agriculture Sector; Impact of Economic Liberalization on Agriculture; Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy; Indian Agriculture Productivity; Possible Ways to Promoting Efficiency in Indian Agriculture Scenario; India’s Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Green Agriculture Initiatives for Climate Justice; Inter-temporal Analysis of Agricultural Sector in West Bengal; Sluggish Growth Rate and its Impact on Indian Agriculture; Structural Changes and its Impact on Agricultural Labour Market; The New Agri-policy, 2016 of Government of Odisha; Performance and Challenges of Agriculture in Tamil Nadu; Economic Analysis of Area, Production, Yield and Export of Food Grains in India (2000-01 to 2014-16); Performance of Agriculture Sector in India; Improving Local and Global Food Security; Promoting Entrepreneurship through Food Processing Industry; Genetically Modified Crops; The Role of Irrigation in Agriculture Development; Fluctuations in Agricultural Output; Role of Irrigation on Production and Yield of Paddy in South Indian States; Sources of Irrigation in Promoting Agricultural Growth in Tamil Nadu; The Role of Irrigation in Agricultural Development; Role of Irrigation in Promoting Growth of Agriculture; An Analysis of Irrigation and Agricultural Development in Telangana State; Water Scarcity and its Implications on Agricultural Development in Maharashtra; Watershed Development Approach and Livestock; Agricultural Crisis in India; Growth of Indian Agriculture and the Building of Agrarian Crisis; Agricultural Crisis in India; A Logical Analysis of Agricultural Crises.