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Agrarian Transformation in Western India: Economic Gains and Social Costs

Agrarian Transformation in Western India: Economic Gains and Social Costs

Author:B B Mohanty
ISBN 13:9780367247294
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology/Rural and Urban Sociology

About the Book

This book examines the economic gains and social costs of agrarian transformation in India. The author looks at three phases of agrarian transformation: colonial, post- colonial and neoliberal. This work combines macro and micro economic data, economic and noneconomic phenomena and quantitative and qualitative aspects while exploring the context of historical and contemporary changes with special reference to Maharashtra in Western India. It discusses regional disparities in agricultural development, issues of Modernization and social inequality, land owning among Scheduled castes and tribes, women in Agriculture, pattern of labour migration and farmers suicides and documents the experiences and conditions of the rural poor and socially weaker sections to provide a comprehensive understanding of the significant changes in agrarian rural economy of Western India. It also discusses contemporary development policy and practices and their consequences. Lucid and topical, this volume will be useful to scholars and researchers of agrarian studies, rural sociology, social History, agricultural economics, development studies, political economy, political studies and public policy, as well as planning and policy experts.