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Agrarian Reforms Land Markets and Rural Poor

Agrarian Reforms Land Markets and Rural Poor

Author:R.K. Dhawan
ISBN 13:9789383026302
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology/Rural and Urban Sociology

About the Book

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Land reforms. 3. Land reforms in India: objectives, measures and impact. 4. The concept of agrarian reforms. 5. Land reforms in India. 6. Land rights, changing agrarian relations and rural transformation. 7. The rural poors' access to land in India. 8. Major agricultural problems of India and their possible solutions. 9. Issues of changing land holding pattern. 10. Agrarian crisis in India is a creation of the policy of globalization. 11. Regional profiles of agrarian society: nature of stratification. 12. Problems in land reform. 13. Rural and agrarian transformation in India. Bibliography.