Against the Nation: Thinking Like South Asians
Sasanka Perera, Dev Nath Pathak and Ravi Kumar
  • ISBN : 9789388630221
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Preface and Acknowledgements Beginnings: Against the Nation and Thinking Like South Asians I. 'Official' Imaginings of South Asia and Its Contradictions 1. SAARC Setbacks and Thinking beyond the Boundaries of Its Nation States 2. Seeing Like South Asians: Moving beyond Narrow National Frames 3. The Idea of South Asia: Beyond the Intellectual Dependence on the Statist Perspective 4. Anxieties of SAARC: An Experiential Reading through South Asian University 5. South Asia: Between Dream and Actuality II. 'Unofficial' Reimagining of South Asia 6. Beyond History, against the Present: Preliminary Thoughts on Reimagining 'South Asia' 7. An Emotive-Intellectual Inclination to another South Asia! 8. Localising South Asia, Theoretically 9. 'South Asia' as an Idea and a Problem of Modernity III. Towards a South Asian Knowledge System 10. In Defence of 'Area Studies' in South Asia 11. Reclaiming Social Sciences and Humanities: Notes from South Asia 12. Anthropological South Asia: Thinking through Utopias Amidst Intellectual Hegemonies 13. Universities, Classrooms and Intellectuals: The Struggle to Create a South Asian Knowledge System 14. Buddhist Categories, Contemporary World and Sociology: Incomplete Thoughts towards Possibilities of Social Theory and Modes of Thinking in South Asia 15. Bringing the Thinking of Jiddu Krishnamurti into Politics 16. Thinking of Myth and Folklore in the Twenty-first Century IV. South Asia in Popular Politics 17. Online South Asia and Its Mediated Politics 18. A Melodramatic South Asia: Perusing a Performative-scape 19. In the Frame of the Popular Cinema Despite the Hegemony of Hindi 20. The Sound of Silence: Of the Shrinking Public Sphere in South Asia 21. Reformulating South Asia: Artists' Travels and Possibilities of a New Cartography 22. The Cultural Politics of Hatred in South Asia Index About the Authors