AFGHANISTAN MILITIAS GOVERNANCE AND THEIR DISPUTED LEADERSHIP: Taliban, ISIS, US Proxy Militais, Extrajudicial Killings, War Crimes and Enforced Disappearances
Musa Khan Jalalzai
  • ISBN : 9789390439485
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Writers and analysts have uncovered the illegal role of private militias' commanders in Afghanistan. These commanders and self styled leaders were driven overwhelmingly by their personal power, and they were not only considered illegitimate on the domestic political scene, and viewed as irrelevant. The present Afghan government is a mix of all types of its efforts, including war criminals, and militia commanders who smuggle narcotics, drugs, arm, and kill women and children. War criminals and militias commanders have developed complex survival and legitimation strategies beyond their territorial realms. After years of its establishment, the Afghan local police (ALP) was undermined due to its failure to stabilize remote regions of the country. The US proxy militias are the source of consternation. The US army established an incompetent intelligence agency (NDS) to serve its interest. The NDS established regional militias to support the CIA and Pentagon war mission against the people of the country. The NDS established Unit-01 for Central Region, Unit-02 for Eastern Region, Unit-03 for Southern Region, and Unit-04, as a Khost Protection Force (KPF), and committed war crimes in these regions with the support of the US army and CIA. This book has documented the role of all internal and external actors, warlords and stakeholders.