Advances in Tree Improvement & Forest Genetic Resources Conservation and Management (ICFRE State of Knowledge Series III)
Compiled and edited by Ashwani Kumar, T S Rathore, K Palanisamy and Syam Viswana
  • ISBN : 9789381089286
  • year : 2016
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IThis book , the third in the ICFRE State of Knowledge Series published by ICFRE,Dehradun,India, comes at a critical juncture when ambitious targets are being set for improving the productivity of plantation forestry to meet the growing demand for timber, as well as wood and non-wood products in the country. The total industrial demand in terms of round wood equivalent alone is expected to increase from 95 million M3 to 153 million M3 in 2020. The also has to be achieved without disturbing the status quo of the existing natural and protected forests and genetic resources. The current status of Tree Improvement work in the country and also the status of Forest Genetic Resources Conservation and Management with respect to various timber and pulpwood species, NTFPs, medicinal plants, mangroves, besides conservation efforts in national parks, protected areas, and sacred groves has been extensively reviewed and documented. The book will be of immense help in developing programes for various institutions, governments, Forest departments, Universities, colleges and other stake holders engaged in afforestation, re-greening and land reclamation missions