Advances in Seed Science and Technology
P S Shukla and Birendra Prasad
  • ISBN : 9788176223522
  • year : 2016
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Seed is a dynamic instrument of change as the three basic necessities of a human being i.e. food, clothing and shelter are met by agriculture and agriculture revolves around seed. The book entitled "Advances in Seed Science and Technology" address the issues vital to modern seed growers, teachers, researchers, extension functionaries, policy makers and students as well as workers engaged in seed industries. This book deals with an over view of seed science related to seed development, germination, multiplication, treatments, seed testing, genetics of seed development, seed physiology and deterioration. It also comprised with modern techniques of seed enhancement, seed production, seed law enforcement, Intellectual Property Right, seed treaty, along with application of nanotechnology in Seed Science. The book would be also use full and instructive to stake holders for planning and execution in seed industry as an efficient way.