Advances in Disease Pathology of Bast Fibre Crops
Subrata Kumar Ghosh
  • ISBN : 9788170195733
  • year : 2017
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The book comprises of the importance of bast fibre crops in agricultural scenario and their pathogen-oriented disease syndromes. The book also deals with various pathological events expressed by the hosts due to attack in their growth period. Pathological events include type of disease, identification of the disease-causing agent (i.e. pathogen) and the factors favourable for such infection. Special emphasis has been given to the occurrence of newer pathogens and a phanerogamic parasite on these crops. Epidemiological factors and the agents associated with the newly emerged virus diseases in major bast fibre crops are elaborately discussed with valid experimental evidences. Histo-pathological analysis of host tissues due to infection has been highlighted to indicate the extent of damage caused to host plant. Bio-control strategies adopted to combat the pathogens attacking such bast fibre crops have been explained with lucidity. Analysis on expression of plant genes, through subtractive hybridization and micro-array validation, responsible for reduction in plant growth and yield due to pathogen attack, on one hand and improved plant growth and yield due to continuous presence of a virus in such crops (symptomless carriers and having a symbiosis-like relationship), on the other, has been included in this book as a novel phenomenon ever noticed in virus pathology earlier. The outcome of this study may be helpful to engineer disease resistance or disease management in such plant. A separate chapter on integrated pest management (IPM) has also been provided for sustainable and eco-friendly crop protection.