Advances in Botanical Research in North East India
Edited by S K Borthakur, A Bawri and N Nath
  • ISBN : 9789386302526
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Preface. I. Plant and microbial diversity: 1. Botanical tour to D’ Ering WLS, Arunachal Prades/M. Bhaumik. 2. Aeromycoflora over rice field in Moreh-a border town of Manipur and Myanmar (Burma)/Jayalaxmi Ningthoujam, Biman Kumar Dutta and N. Irabanta Singh. 3. Density of periphyton in the high altitude flooded rice fields in ziro, Arunachal Pradesh/Rajashree Saikia, Akash Kachari, Tapati and Debangshu Narayan Das. 4. Phytogeographicl affinities and endemism of locally utilized tree species of Papumpare Disrict, Arunachal Pradesh/Bhabjit Doley. 5. Diversity of diatoms in and around Dibrugarh Town/Bhaswati Kakati. 6. Diversity and conservation status of tree species in Baksa District, Assam/D. Baro and S.K. Borthakur. 7. Orchid diversity of Chaiturgarh Hills, Korba District (Chhattisgarh), India/S.K. Chaturvedi and S. Vinodia. II. Systematics of Flowering Plants: 8. Taxonomic study of Brucea mollis wall.ex kurz-a RET medicinal plant of NE India/Debashree Kakati and S.K. Borthakur. 9. Foliar micromorphological characters of certain species of Senna Mill, with emphasis on taxonomy/S. Baruah and Birina Bhuyan. 10. Taxonomic investigation on Peliosanthes violaceae compex (Asparagaceae) in Notheast India/Dilip Kr Roy. 11. Taxonomy, diversity and distribution of clerodendrum L. in Assam/N. Das and S.K. Borthakur. 12. Morpho-taxonomic and foliar epidermal studies of the genus paspalum L. (poaceae) in Barak Valley, Assam/Moonmee Devi and Debjyopti Bhattacharyya. 13. Morphological variations of Lasia spinosa (L). Thwaites distributed in Assam, India/Puspita Hore, Zina Moni Shandilya, Lisha Gurung, S.K. Borthakur and Bhaben Tanti. III. Ethnobotany and Traditional Wisdom: 14. Medicinal plants used against Malaria: a case study among Adi tribe of Arunahcal Pradesh/Luk Bahadur Chetry, Farina Panyang, Summi Doming, Tapi Taka and Tonlong Wangpan. 15. Impact of culture, food and biodiversity in crop evolution : a case study of three major ethnic communities of Assam/Sneha Hasnu, Kishor Deka, Biswadeep Gogoi, Lisha Gurung and Bhaben Tanti. IV. Wetland and aquatic plants: 16. Comparative study of aquiatic plant communities of two major wetlands of Kamrup District of Assam, India/Upen Deka and Tapan Dutta., V. Biotechnology and Bioprospecting: 17. Protective effect of Scoparia dulcis leaf extract against free fatty acid induced oxidative stress in skeletal Muscle cells/Bhaskarjyoti Gogoi, Anowar Hussain, Purvita Chowdhury, Rupak Mukhopadhyay, Suman Dasgupta and Alak K. Buragohain. 18. Micropropagation of Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Hook.f. and Thomson: a high yielding platform for sustainable production of metabolites/Vartika Srivastava and Rakhi Chaturvedi. 19. Cultivation of Homalomena aromatic (Roxb.) Schott, a high value medicinal and aromatic plant of Assam, India/Nabajyoti Borah and Biman Kumar Dutta. 20. Analysis of genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance of yield contributing characters of mutant rice strains (Oryza sativa L.)/Dharmeswar Barman. VI. Carbon sequestration and ecology: 21. Comparative assessment of biomass carbon stock potential in two different plantation systems in Barak Valley North East India/Rinku Moni Kalita, Ashesh Kumar Das and Arunjyoti Nath. 22. Plant species diversity and community analysis of Apricola Reserve Forest in Assam, N.E,. India/Jyotishman Deka, Amal Bawri, Mohammed Latif Khan and Om Prakash Tripathi. 23. Species composition and community characteristics of Primula habitats in Arunachal Pradesh, Eastern Himalaya/Amal Bawri. Jyotishman Deka, P.R. Gajurel, S.K. Borthakur and Mohammed Latif Khan. 24. Impact of disturbance on ecosystem stability: implication for indigenous tree species management along the protected reserve and unprotected village forests in Tripura Northeast India/Koushik Majumdar, Bal Krishna Choudhary and B.K. Datta. 25. Status of exotic invasive species in Gauhati University Campus/Mahesh Das and N. Nath. VII. Review Articles: 26. Notes on brucea mollis wall.ex Kurz-chemical constituents and biological properties/Prapty Das, Bhaben Tanti and S.K. Borthakur. 27. Prospects of microbial enzymes in biotechnological industry/Bhisma Narayan Swargiari and Rubul Buragohain. Index.