ADVANCEMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN INDIA: Contemporary and Emerging Challenges
Edited by Debarati Halder and Shrut S Brahmbhatt
  • ISBN : 9789353887858
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Human rights, despite being prone to serious obstacles, have garnered immense attention in the recent years. This book is an authoritative study of the recent trends and challenges of human rights in India, focusing on the advancement of judicial activism and gross violations of these rights by the government and private stakeholders. Covering a wide range of topics, Advancement of Human Rights in India: Contemporary and Emerging Challenges features critical discussions on the legal rights of women, children, forest tribes, disabled individuals, prisoners and other socially disadvantaged groups whose welfare is heavily neglected, and thus, needs urgent attention. This book also addresses contemporary debates on consular access, privacy, paternity leave and food security, among others. This book acknowledges progress in the fight for human rights and also presents possible solutions to the many difficulties that lie ahead. Contents: Foreword by Professor Subir Bhatnagar Preface Introduction SECTION I Gender Justice and Human Rights Dipa Dube Victimization of Disabled Women in India: A Critical Analysis Janardhan Rao Killi Rights of Women and Gender-biased Laws in India: A Critical Socio-legal Analysis Priju Bhaskar T. Forced Sterilization of Differently Abled Women: Critical Analysis Mradul Mishra and Viralkumar B. Mandaliya Sex Workers and Right to Live with Dignity: A Critical Review Badri Sankar Das Gender Equality and Human Rights in India: A Critical Review Zeel Raval, Heli Shah and Debarati Halder Marital Rape in India: A Critical Socio-legal Analysis Vihasi Shah Human Rights of Sex Workers and Their Children: A Critical Analysis Shrut. S. Brahmbhatt and Anamika Tyagi Gender Justice: A Pathway to Human Rights SECTION II Child Rights and Human Rights Pallavi Dey and Dhwani Patel Child Sexual Abuse and Forensic Dentistry: A Critical Medico-legal Analysis Smit Hingu Child Labour and Human Rights: A Critical Analysis Vishwa Patel Issues of Child Marriages and Marital Rape in India: Critical Legal Analysis Gauri Singh and Namita Yadav A Critical Assessment of Juvenile Justice System in India from the Perspective of Reformative Justice Rubel Bareja and Vishwajeet Singh Shekhawat Child Labour in India: A Critical Legal Analysis Anshuman Chaudhuri and Dhriti Gupta Right to Education: A Critical Analysis SECTION III Contemporary Issues and Human rights M. B. Pavithra and V. Kolappan Outblooming Human Rights Violations in Surrogacy: Thorns Beneath Rose Nadisha N. Vazirani Forest, Food Security and Indigenous People---A Critical Analysis from Human Rights Perspective Shrut S. Brahmbhatt Transgender Human Rights: Identifying the Conflict of Law and Reality Debarati Halder and Esha Maken Right to Food: A Critical Socio-legal Analysis from Indian Human Rights Perspectives Manish Soni and Darshan Patankar AFSPA and Human Rights Violation in Jammu and Kashmir Meet R. Shah Legal Accountability in Corporate Social Responsibility in India: A Critical Analysis Mansi Chhaya, Shraddha Parekh and Debarati Halder Paternity Leave---Right of the Father or Discretion of Employer Bhaumik P. Upadhyay and Debarati Halder Land Acquisition Laws in the Light of Eminent Domain Principle: A Socio-Legal Analysis Gunjan Chawla Right to Consular Assistance: The Jadhav Case---A Human Rights’ Analysis Viralkumar B. Mandaliya and Mradul Mishra Revitalizing Agriculture for Economic Growth and Food Security: A Critical Review Index