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Advanced Digital System Design

Advanced Digital System Design

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Author:Shirshendu Roy
ISBN 13:9788194891888
Subject:Art and Archaeology/Architecture

About the Book

The objective of this book is to help the readers to understand the concepts of digital system design as well as to motivate the students to pursue research in this field. Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL) is preferred in this book to realize the digital architectures. Basics of Verilog HDL are covered in a separate chapter and many Verilog codes are given in this book for better understanding. The book covers basic topics of digital logic design like binary number system, combinational circuit design, sequential circuit design and finite state machine (FSM) design. The book also covers some advanced topics on digital arithmetic like design of high speed adders, multipliers, dividers and square root circuits. The readers can learn about FPGA and ASIC implementation steps and issues that arise at the time of implementation. One chapter of the book is dedicated to study the low power design techniques and another to discuss concepts of static time analysis (STA) of a digital system. In the last chapter, design and implementation of many digital systems is discussed in details. These designs can help the readers to design their own architecture. This book can be very help full to both the under graduate and post graduate students. Researchers who are pursuing their research in this field can find this book very useful. Contents : 1 Binary Number System 2 Basics of Verilog HDL 3 Basic Combinational Circuits 4 Basic Sequential Circuits 5 Memory Design 6 Finite State Machines 7 Design of Adder Circuits 8 Design of Multiplier Circuits 9 Division of Modulous Operation 10 Square Root and its Reciprocal 11 CORDIC Algorithm 12 Floating Point Architectures 13 Timing Analysis 14 Digital System Implementation 15 Low Power Digital System Design 16 Digital System Design Examples Abbreviations, References, Index