Advanced Computing Applications in Civil Engineering
V. Bhikshma, P. Raja Sekhar, K. L. Radhika and K. Shashikanth
  • ISBN : 9789387593220
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Contents: 1. Numerical Modeling of Hybrid FRP Strengthened Short Concrete Columns under Eccentric Compression 2. Interval Finite Element Analysis of Thin Plates 3. Moving Beyond Finite Elements: Towards Meshless Isogeometric Analysis 4. Imaging Preferential Pathways in Fractured Granites using ERT-Tracer Experiments and Numerical Simulations 5. Analysis of Dome for Different Pulse Loading History of Blast Load 6. A Seismic Design of Building-Equipment System using Conical Friction Pendulum Isolator 7. Study on Plain Surface with Wave Type Configuration Bar Reinforced Concrete Frame Subjected to Lateral Loads 8. Seismic Response of Elevated Liquid Storage Steel Tanks Isolated by Polynomial Friction Pendulum Isolator 9. Effect of Blast Loading on Pipe Rack for Varying Peak Overpressure 10. Seismic Response of Segmental Building Using Resilient Friction Base Isolator 11. Double Polynomial Friction Pendulum System for Seismic Isolation of Three Span Continuous Deck Bridge 12. Structural Behavior of Four Legged Transmission Line Tower Under Tornado Loading 13. Seismic Response of Liquid Storage Tank Isolated with Double Polynomial Friction Pendulum Isolator 14. Effect of Multi-Support Excitation on Cable Stayed Suspension Hybrid Bridge 15. Performance of Channel and Tee Types of Shear Connector in Composite Slab with Steel Decking at Elevated Temperature 16. A Three Dimensional Non-Linear Finite Element Modelling of Top-Seat Angle Connection 17. Analysis of Composite Laminated Plate using FEM 18. Evaluation of Response Reduction Factor of Aircraft Hangar Constructed by Double Layer Grid System 19. An Energy Based Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit Strategy of Existing Reinforced Concrete (RC) Building by Energy Spectrum Method 20. Analytical Study on Two-Way Rectangular RC Slab with Opening at Different Locations 21. A Study on Retrofitting of RCC Industrial Building 22. Influence of Modeling Aspects on the Seismic Performance of A Tall Building – Numerical Study on A Twenty Storeyed RC Framed Building 23. Seismic Performance of A Retrofitted Building Using Various Numerical Models – A Comparative Study 24. Influence of Modelling on the Effectiveness of Column Jacketing in the Seismic Performance of Arc Framed Building – A Comparitive Study Using Three Alternative Materials (RCC, Steel, FRP) 25. Application of 3D Printing for Building Prototype Model of Osmania University Arts College – A Case Study 26. Development of Artificial Neural Network Model for Geopolymer Concrete 27. Effect of Slope Combination on Dynamic Analysis of RCC Chimney 28. Development of Mathematical Model for Geo-Polymer Concrete 29. A Comparative Study on Seismic Analysis of Irregular Framed Structure with Bare Frame, Open Ground Storey and Infilled Frame 30. A Study on Skew Effect of Prestressed Concrete Bridges 31. Estimating Runoff Using SCS Curve Number Method 32. Daily River flow Modeling using Artificial Neural Networks 33. Performance Evaluation of Daily Sediment Yield Transport Model Using Artificial Neural Networks 34. Assessment and Evaluation of Groundwater Quality due to Landfill Leachate Using Fuzzy Logic 35. Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall Extremes Projections using Block Maxima Approach under Climate Change 36. ANFIS Model for Reservoir Operation 37. Water Distribution Network Model Using EPANET 38. Temperature Projections from GCMs Using Quantile Remapping Method 39. Evaluation of Performance of Isolated Signalized Intersections and Design of a Coordinated Signal System by Using VISSIM Software 40. A Case Study of Mode Choice Analysis in Hyderabad City 41. Evaluation of the Effect of Aggregate Gradation and Binder Parameters on Bituminous Mix Rutting 42. Project Success Analysis of Contractor Organization Attributes using Regression Model 43. Factors Affecting Cost Estimation: A Case from Yemen Construction Projects 44. A Comparative Study of Different Contractor Selection Methods