Advaita Philosophy
N.K. Singh and A.P. Mishra
  • ISBN : 9788182208155
  • year : 2017
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This new edition is a comprehensive analysis of Advaita philosophy from inception to modernity in two parts. The first part deals with the legacy of Pre-Samkara?s Advaita philosophical tradition from Ishvara who revealed the knowledge of Brahman to Brahma to Gaudapada who was the first person, after the Upanishads, to revive the monistic interpretation Advaita Vedanata in a systematic manner. This edition also gives emphasis on the systematic studies in Advaita Vedana with the composition of the Brahmasutras, its aphorisms and commentaries by Badarayana, Gaudapada and Samkara. The second part of the book covers legacy of Post-Samkara?s Advaita philosophical thought developed by Mandna, Sureshvara, Padampada, Vacaspati and and Vivekananda gave new orientation to Advaita philosophy is considered as the father New Vedanta. We hope that this edition will be an important source of knowledge for the students, teachers and research scholars of philosophy.