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Active Ageing Dynamics in the Post Modern Era

Active Ageing Dynamics in the Post Modern Era

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Author:Edited by Dr Laxmi and Dr Mohan A K
ISBN 13:9788170196501
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology/Social problems Social welfare

About the Book

The concept of successful ageing took a new turn and gained global attention with the introduction of “Active Ageing” by WHO. WHO (2002) stresses on the need for integrating multiple domains of well-being into a unitary model of active ageing that covers economic, social, physical, personal, behavioural and health related aspects of ageing. However, this holistic approach is often inaccessible to most of the seniors. The holistic approach towards ageing presses for the need of relevant intervention strategies. The very idea of active ageing often tends to be alien to the current models as the emphasis is largely on the medical model where physical fitness is considered to be the major mandate of well-being of the older people; often leaving behind other important aspects which play equally significant roles. For instance, economic dependence has been identified as a major subjective concern of older people which in turn has implications on social and psychological domains. An effective strategy must therefore incorporate active ageing as the central theme covering all domains effectively. Hence papers on the theme were invited to make sure that novel ideas towards the attainment of active ageing evolve through scientific research. The papers concentrated on areas such as Music and Well-Being among Elderly Population, Decremental Model of Ageing, Tribal Elderly, Gerontological Social Work Practice with Tribal Elderly in India, Religion and Positive Ageing, Female Elderly Commercial Sex Workers, Prevalence of Dementia in India and Management of Dementia through Active Ageing, Ageing represented in Literature, Ageing and Health Conditions, Modern Day Adaptations of Gerontological Theories and Representation of Ageing in Social Work Curriculum. This compilation of works that focuses on multiple facets of active ageing deciphers the possibility of ageing actively in the post modern era.