Action Sociology: Contribution of Dr Bindeshwar Pathak
Richard Pais
  • ISBN : 9788131611883
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Philosophers, social scientists and sociologists have spoken about action or social action. In Hindu philosophy, the concepts of Karma and Dharma indicate the type of action desired. Social action theory began with the work of Max Weber. Talcott Parson’s theory of social action is based on his concept of society. Vilfredo Pareto spoke of non-logical actions. The foremost practitioner of social action was Mahatma Gandhi and in Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, we have an action sociologist who is also an expert in theoretical sociology. Action sociology is the core of Dr Bindeshwar Pathak’s philosophy. The book presents Dr Pathak’s concept of Action Sociology and gives a glimpse of his actions. His idea of Action Sociology is much wider and goes far beyond the limits of ‘Applied Sociology’ and ‘Sociology in Action’. It aims at sociologist’s intervention to shape the process of social change. While discussing the concept of Social Action, the book also takes into account the actions initiated by Dr Pathak in the realm of sanitation, liberation of scavengers, education, upliftment of the widows, inter-caste marriages etc. The book also gives the theoretical perspectives and scientific methods in Action Sociology. After examining the writings of Dr Pathak, the book compares the views of Dr Pathak with that of Mahatma Gandhi in the area of sanitation, non-violence, caste system, removal of untouchability, status of women etc. CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Life of Dr Pathak 3. Scavenging in India 4. Sanitation in India 5. Sulabh Road to Freedom 6. Other Sulabh Initiatives 7. Action Sociology 8. Theoretical Perspectives 9. Scientific Methods in Action Sociology 10. Writings of Dr Bindeshwar Pathak 11. Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Bindeshwar Pathak 12. Future of Action Sociology ABOUT THE AUTHOR / EDITOR Richard Pais is former Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology, St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru. Besides teaching, he was actively involved in the organisation of academic events at the national, state and regional levels. In 2007, he received the L.P. Vidyarthi Award at Agra for his contribution to social sciences; in 2015, he received Sulabh International Gold Medal at New Delhi for his work on Sociology of Sanitation and in 2017, he received Indian Social Science Association Golden Year Award at Lucknow for his publication of the journal, Social Science Gazetteer. He has written/edited 24 books and numerous research papers. His latest books are: Backward Classes and Social Justice (2011), Perspectives on Social Development (2012), Sociology of Sanitation (2015), Society and Culture in Karnataka (2016), Social Inclusion and Development (2018) and Understanding Social Movements (in press). He is the Managing Editor of Samaja Shodhana, Managing Editor of Social Science Gazetteer and Editor of Sulabh Journal of Action Sociology. At present, he is the Vice-President of Indian Social Science Association, Agra and Academic Consultant to Sulabh International Social Service Organisation, New Delhi.