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Author:Edited by Dr Seema Mathur
ISBN 13:9789354420139
Subject:Human Rights

About the Book

This textbook is written especially for Second-Year students of B.A. (Hons) Political Science, University of Delhi, and covers the Semester III and IV paper, titled ‘Your Laws, Your Rights’, skill-based ability enhancement. Additionally, all students of law, Civil Services aspirants as well as B.A. students studying for the paper ‘Democratic Awareness through Legal Literacy’ will also find it extremely useful. This book attempts to understand laws as a source of rights, justice, social welfare, equity and human dignity. It imparts to students a clear and comprehensive understanding of the close relationship that exists between laws and human rights, as well as the struggle for equality and justice. It makes students aware about the laws of the land and their fundamental civil rights, in the context of several important contemporary social and political issues. The topics covered include the following: Rule of law and the criminal justice system in India; Laws relating to criminal justice administration; How to file a complaint; First Information Report (FIR); Detention, arrest and bail; Equality and non-discrimination; Gender: protection of women against domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment; Caste: laws abolishing untouchability and providing protection against atrocities; Class: laws concerning minimum wages; Disability and equality of participation and opportunity; Empowerment and access to information; Consumer rights; Traditional rights of forest dwellers; Women´s property rights; Rural employment guarantee; Access to identification documents and social security schemes. The book has a Foreword by Professor N. Sukumar, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi. Additionally, there is a glossary of technical terms, a question bank, and an index.