A Translation of the ITU 36,000 PATI Commentary of Tiruvaymoli of Nammalvar by Vatakkuttiruvitippillai into English (1-110 Verses) 2 Volumes Set
Professor J Rangaswami
  • ISBN : 9789382396765
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Saint Nammalvär, in the first centum of Tiruvaymoli panoramically venerates the auspicious qualities of the Lord Sriman Narayana. In the first decade, he explicates Him as paratattva along with the description of His exalted nature of sedmitvam and adores Him as Sarvasmatparan. He, in the second, advocates the prapatti marga to obtain the Lord who is bhajaniyan. He within the third, celebrates the Lord's saulabhyaguna and cherishes the bliss of Him as Sulabhan. In the fourth, he glorifies the supreme as Aparadhasahan and sanctifies His prime attribute of narayanatvam. In the next, the Saint reveres the omnipotent as Silavan who sustains Himself out of the devotion of His devotees. In the sixth, he adores the Lord as Svaradhan and delineates the truth that, without any obligation of offerings, for the sake of His pleasure, the devotee has to simply worship Him. In the next, he condemns the kevalars and elucidates the truth that, except kainkarya, the Lord as Niratisayabhogyan expects nothing more from His devotees. Through the eight, the Alvar adores the arjavaguna of the Lord, who has stationed Himself at Venkatam. In the ninth, he ascertains the spiritual intoxication of the Lord, who pleasurably entered into various parts of his sarira and esoterically decorates Him as Satmyabhogapradan. Eventually, the Alvar recommends paramabhakti and parigananai to gain the Lord's nirketuka krpa and authentically asserts the lofty theme of svarupayathatmyabhava of the atma. Thus, Nammalvar instructs his heart to worship the holy feet of Him. As such, the aspirants irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion and any nation shall follow his spiritual order. About the Author J. Rangaswami, Professor (Retd) officiated as Chairman, School of Philosophy, Dean, Faculty of Languages, Tamil University, rank holder in M.A. (1980) M.Phil. (1981) and obtained Ph.D., (1985) at Annamalai University, M.A., in Sanskrit (2012) and Diploma in Astrology (2012) at SASTRA University, published 13 books including Srivacanabhuşanam (2006) and Acaryahrdayam (2015) that are acclaimed as the best by the international erudite scholars to his credit 53 articles, delivered 50 special lectures and presented papers in 95 national and international conferences, symposia and workshops; credited with UCC Research Associateship, Banaras Hindu University (1994-96) and Associate (1996-95) as well as Fellow (2017-19), Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla; the Madras University honoured him with a D.Litt (2012) for his magnum opus, Srivacanabhusanam, also completed this book on Itu 36,000 Pati Commentary of Tiruvaymoli (1-110 verses) as the Fellow IIAS, Shimla; a Commonwealth Fellow (2004) at Lancaster University, UK and delivered 8 special lectures at various academic institutions in England, also participated in the 2nd International Ayurveda and Yoga Conference at Sidney (2009) and delivered 12 special lectures on Patanjali's Yogasutra at Dharma Heart Yoga and Meditation Centre, Meenian, Australia, and his expertise on Srivaisnaviam with Western perspectives has cut across the boundaries of multi-cultural and religious legacies of the world. Prof J Rangaswami is presently translating the It 16.000 Pati Commentary of Tirstymol (111-222 verses) as Senior Fellow of ICPR, New Delhi.