A to Z of Palmistry
Judith Hipskind Collins
  • ISBN : 9788179928677
  • year : 2008
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In A to Z Of Palmistry, Judith Hipskind Collins shares her knowledge of palmistry and explains why hand analysis works. This trusted guide includes over 185 illustrations and features a unique palmistry dictionary of more than 250 personality and character traits, along with their corresponding physical features. It also includes a complete interpretation and analysis of three actual palm prints. Suitable for both beginners and professional palmists, this book shows how to read and interpret every facet of the hand ? the shape, gestures, flexibility, mounts, fingers, lines, and nails ? and then synthesize the various factors in a holistic and positive way, focusing on using the information in a constructive manner. A to Z Of Palmistry even includes tips on finding a reliable palmist.