Dr Jacob Devadason
  • ISBN 13 : 9789381209462
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Rev. Dr.Jacob Devada-son ordained in the Church of England, Diocese of Manchester. He served his curacy at St. Cross, Clayton, Vicar at- St. Martin with St. Francis. He also served as the Vicar and Incumbent at Christ Church and Inter faith Adviser to Bishop of Croydon, Southwark Diocese, London. He is Currently serving as the Vicar at St.Catherines, Healed Green in the Chester Diocese, United Kingdom. Foreword All theological enterprises are ensconced within larger cultural frameworks and contexts that help to give shape to any specific or generic attempt to speak of the divine. Despite the alleged attempts to do objective, universal forms of theological scholarship, all theological endeavors are contextual. I recall listening to my all time scholarly hero, James H. Cone, the founding patriarch of academic Black Theology, who once opined that theology was a human enterprise as it was 'human speech about God....God Doesn't do theology, we do'. Cone's dictum is timely and apt for it is a critical reminder of the human endeavour to speak of God in ways that are intelligible to us as individuals and communities within specific times and spaces in which our human consciousness is located. There is no doubting the truth that the very best of our human endeavors to do theology .can and often do transcend the immediacy of the context that first gave rise to them, but it is equally true, that all theology emerges from specific contexts. The rise in prominence of Contextual theologies has reminded us also of the ideological basis of much that can be construed as theology.