A Textbook on Physical Education and Health Education: Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition
Dr Benu Gupta, Dr Mukesh Agarwal and Dr Sunita Arora
  • ISBN 13 : 9789386092540
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Contents: Unit-1: Total Fitness: 1. Physical Activity – Concept, Benefits of Participation in Physical Activities with Specific Reference to Health; Concept, Need, Components and Significance of Total Fitness. 2. Types of Physical Activities – Walking, Jogging, Running, Calisthenics, Rope Skipping, Cycling, Swimming, Circuit Training, Weight Training, Adventure Sports. 3. Components of Physical Fitness (Health, Skill and Cosmetic Fitness); Need and Importance of Measurement and Evaluation of Physical Fitness. 4. Principles of Physical Fitness, Warming up, Conditioning, Cooling Down, Methods to Develop and Measure Health and Skill related components of Physical Fitness. Unit-II: Wellness: 5. Wellness – Concept, Components, Significance with reference to Positive Lifestyle. 6. Concepts of Quality of Life and Body Image. 7. Factors affecting Wellness. 8. Wellness Programme. Unit-III: Nutrition and Weight Management: 9. Concept of Nutrients Nutrition, Balanced Diet, Dietary Aids and Gimmicks. 10. Energy and Activity – Calorie Intake and Expenditure, Energy Balance Equation. 11. Obesity – Concept, Causes, Assessment, Management; Obesity Related Health Problems – Diabetes Mellitus (Type II), Atherosclerosis, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancers; Eating Disorders – Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder; Deficiency Disorders– Anaemia, Osteoprosis. 12. Weight Management through Behavioural Modifications. Over the last few decades, the value of physical activity and fitness is realised not only by the athletes to perform in the field of sports, but also by the people from different disciplines of life. The knowledge was not limited to the fitness but extended to the concept of wellness and role of nutrition in managing the overall health and total fitness of an individual. This book aims to provide knowledge about the concept of fitness through physical activities like walking, running, swimming, and weight training etc. along with the scope and significance of total fitness. It covers the wellness and the factors affecting it along with different programmes useful for the group of people and institutions to maintain the health of all. Also the book provides the ready reference of different components of balanced diet, nutrients and obesity along with the diseases caused by obesity and deficiency of nutrition. The book covers the complete syllabus of Generic Elective and B.A.(Prog.) Discipline course of Physical Education. This book is helpful for the students of Physical Education of different degree or diploma programme run by different universities and also for to the sports professionals, athletes, coaches and general public in large.