A Text Book on Animal Breeding (As per VCI-2016 Syllabus for BV Sc & A H Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit-III)
V B Dongre
  • ISBN : 9789387590526
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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1. History of Animal Breeding 2. Classification of Livestock Breeds 3. Economic Characters of Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat and their Importance 4. Economic Characters of Pig, Poultry and their Importance 5. Selection and Types of Selection 6. Response to Selection and Factors Affecting Response to Selection 7. Bases of Selection: Individual, Pedigree, Family, Progeny and Combined, Indirect Selection 8. Methods of Selection: Single and Multi Trait 9. Classification of Mating Systems 10. Inbreeding Coefficient and Relationship Coefficient 11. Genetic and Phenotypic Consequences of Inbreeding,Inbreeding Depression 12. Heterosis 13. Systems of Utilization of Heterosis; Selection for Combining Ability (RS and RRS) 14. Breeding Strategies for Improvement of Dairy Cattle and Buffalo 15. Breeding Strategies for Improvement of Sheep, Goat,Swine and Poultry 16. Sire Evaluation 17. Open Nucleus Breeding System (ONBS)18. Development of New Livestock Breeds or Strains 19. Current Livestock and Poultry Breeding Policies and Programmes. 20. Methods of Conservation: Livestock and Poultry Conservation Programmes21. Application of Reproductive and Biotechnological Tools for Genetic Improvement of Livestock and Poultry 22. Breeding for Disease Resistance 23. Classification of Dog and Cat Breeds 24. Breeding Management of Dogs and Cats 25. Common Pet Birds Seen in India and their Breeding Management 26. Population Dynamics and Effective Population Size of Wild Animals in Captivity / Zoo / Natural Habitats