A Study of Entrepreneurship Development Among SC People In Indian Perspective
T A Kamble and S S Mahajan
  • ISBN : 9789353240004
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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CONTENTS Preface . 7 Acknowledgment . 11 I. History of Entrepreneurship Development in SC People. 13 II. Entrepreneurship Development and Significance of Business Environment . 29 III. Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) . 57 IV. Measuring Entrepreneurship Development . 73 V. SWOC Analysis of SC Entrepreneurs . 83 Annexures . 101 Bibliography . 127 Index. 135 This book offers valuable information about required skills, traits and competencies for entrepreneurship development especially among emerging entrepreneurs in non business community. This book provided various business environmental issues which determine the scope and limitations of entrepreneurship development, especially in socio-economically backward community. This book gives brief information about Stages in Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) and areas of EDP. This book recognizes the significance of measuring entrepreneurship development and also provides the methodology of measuring Entrepreneurship Development Index (EDI). This book offers few interesting case studies of SC entrepreneurs. This book provides SWOC analysis of SC entrepreneurs which will certainly help them in enhancing their existing entrepreneurial ability.