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A Practical Guide to Blockchain and its Application

A Practical Guide to Blockchain and its Application

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Author:Parikshit Jain
ISBN 13:9789387457324

About the Book

The book aims to provide understanding of the complex concepts of blockchain. It also provides clarity about the fundamentals of blockchain in a clear, concise and accurate manner. Important concepts and application of blockchain across industries have been minutely examined and intricacies thoroughly explained for day to day usage by professionals and readers of the book. This book details the gigantic shift in the ways technology is changing and becoming an integral part of different spheres of human life viz banking, finance, insurance, travel, real estate and business operations. This is a very well researched, comprehensive and to the point book on blockchain. It provides in a concise manner global insights as to how different economies of the world are adopting blockchain technology to economise their scale of operations in different sectors. The book is a practical guide to Blockchain and would be immensely helpful for the professionals in practice, management and consulting in their day to day working. Key features: Complex concepts and fundamentals of blockchain are explained in lucid manner. Usage of table and charts for better understanding of concepts.