A Political Economic Approach to Reclaiming India
Edited by C D Sahay
  • ISBN 13 : 9789386473387
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
For 70 years, governance and administration of India has been guided by left-leaning economists fed on western precepts of the subcontinent's history and culture. A new generation of policy-makers call this myopic and are ready for a repositioning of the past and a reassessment of the future. This volume, titled, A Political Economic Approach to Reclaiming India, is a collection of essays of deep insight into the primary factors of national progress, namely, economic orientation, poverty alleviation by boosting the agriculture sector, transformation through research and development, wider access to health care, water security, spread of education, skill development and employment generation. There can be no larger issues confronting contemporary India. As cultural heritage of a nation remains a sublime catalyst to all such endeavours, this volume ends with a notable piece on India's history curriculum.