A Plethora of Thoughts: A Compilation of Research Papers
Edited by Dr D Vijaya Lakshmi
  • ISBN : 9789391314736
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The purpose of this book is to present a substantive overview of a few literary ideas, language methodologies and technological tools and translation studies. The contributors have taken diversified topics for their articles and have enriched this book. All the authors of the chapters have showcased various dimensions of their ideas in their receptive works. Chapters I, IV and VI deal with the different concepts of books such as: Pagan Symbolism in Paulo Coelho’s Brida, Quest for Identity in the Process of Acculturation in Bharati Murkherjee’s Jasmine and Urmila: An Unsung Myth of an Outstanding Woman in Kavita Kane’s Sita’s Sister, Chapter II, V, VII, VIII and X deal with Language Methodologies and Education Technology such as:Digital Instructive Tools, Technology Enabled Library Services, Innovative Teaching and Learning Process, Pros and Cons of Hybrid Classrooms and A Literary Activity in Language Class and Chapter III deals with translation studies. About the Author: Dr. D.Vijaya Lakshmi has been working as an Associate Professor in Sri Vishnu Educational Society since 2004. Her academic progress and research pursuit enabled her to enter the research arena and nearly from two decades. She is fortunate enough to contribute her ideas in various national and international conferences, seminars and workshops. As an academician she believes that her learning pursuits are eternal and I endorse holistic approach in all walks of life. Holding various responsibilities, both academic and administrative, she fine-tuned her skills. Catering to the present needs of the students and the industry, she succeeded in creating a strategic system of training to the students for their placements, soft skills, personality development, presentation skills etc., by implementing innovative approaches in teaching-learning process.