A Picturesque Tour along the Rivers Ganges and Jumna in India: Consisting of Twenty Four Finished and Coloured Views, A Map and Vignettes from Original Drawing Made on the Spot forwarded by Lokesh Chandra
Lieuten Ant-Colonel Forrest
  • ISBN : 9789383098729
  • year : 2015
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This memoir chronicles a sparse population, structures shattered by time androving officials of the British Crown trying to comprehend the mysteries ofthe vast land of India with its divine dignity conversing with ruins of imposingarchitectural buildings. The author Lt Col. Forrest made coloured drawings of ancient monuments on the spot to see the beauty of their inner form beyond what is seen by the bodily eye. Some facts given by Forrest have become obsolete but the work as a whole summons the readers to a journey into creativity and to selfhood. A Picturesque Tour is an engrossing account of the mediaeval period of Indian history and the storm of attacks, plunders, dreadful massacres, internecine conflicts of the princes to grab power and the daring and active spirit of the English that inspired its merchants to establish direct trade with India leading to the British Raj. An evocative and spell binding account of the Islamic and East India Company periods, the author recounts his picturesque tour in equally striking words. This book is a must read to feel the silent footsteps of the British might taking over and their wonderment at the historic splendor of our centuries.