A Mandala of Cards The Buddha Tarot
Robert M. Place
  • ISBN : 8178223031
  • year : 2007
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The twenty-two sequential cards of the Tarot`s major arcana are often seen in larger terms as a depiction of the archetypal hero`s journey. The journey from the naivete of the Fool card to the unversal consciousness of the World card is in many ways a path similar to Prince Siddhartha`s journey to enlightenment. In this companion guide to The Buddha Tarot, artist and writer Robert M. Place, who drew parallels between Christianity and the Tarot in the Tarot of the Saints, now applies his unique vision to connect the Eastern and Western spiritual experience. This book examines the history and development of Tarot, from its roots in the Middle Ages to its myriad modern incarnations. The author also delves deeply into Western mysticism and philosophy, showing how Platonic and Neoplatonic thought influenced centuries of Western magic and mysticism. He then examines Buddhism from a Westerner`s point of view, including a description of the Buddha`s life and an in-depth look at the themes represented in traditional Tarot Companion also includes a detailed description of each card and its symbolism, and how each card in this unique deck relates to the Tarot tradition