A Laboratory Manual of Plant Biotechnology (Second Edition)
Dr S S Purohit
  • ISBN : 9788177542226
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Biotechnology: An Overview Measurement of Plant Cell Growth Plant Tissue Culture: Principles Plant Tissue Culture: Methods Micro-propagation in Plants Methods of Initiation of Embryogenesis in Suspension Culture Protoplast Culture and Isolation Plant-Derived Secondary Metabolites and Biocatalysts Somaclonal Variation and Somatic Cell Genetics Histological and Photographic Techniques for Plant Tissue Culture Techniques for Genetic Engineering Genetic Transformation of Plants Isolation of Plant DNA The Preparation of Micro-propagated Plantlets Appendix Glossary Literature Cited Biotechnology, is the manipulation of biological organisms to make products that benefit human beings. Biotechnology contributes to such diverse areas as food production, waste disposal, mining, and medicine. A new industry, based on the discoveries of modern molecular biology, is rapidly gaining momentum. It is now possible to alter living organisms artificially by manipulating their genetic makeup, inducing them to perform new and useful tasks or to make biochemicals that are too costly to synthesize by existing means. At its simplest, biotechnology has been with us for millennia: yeasts have been used for making alcohol, and bacteria for yogurt. Selection of desirable characteristics has allowed the development and improvement of crops and farm animals. However, these techniques have only exploited the natural capabilities of organisms or selected from their existing variability. The latest biotechnology, in contrast, offers means of making new organisms with completely novel capabilities, precisely tailored for a specific purpose. The manual includes the topics like: Biotechnology: An Introduction, Measurement of Plant Cell Growth, Plant Tissue Culture, Protoplast Culture, Initiation of Embryogenesis in Suspension Culture, Micropropagation in Plants, Somaclonal Variation and Somatic Cell Genetics, Genetic Transformations of Plants, Isolation of Plant DNA, Plant Derived Secondary Metabolites and Biocatalysts and The Preparation of Micropropaged Plantlets.