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A Judge Nonpareil: A BK Mukherjea Reader

A Judge Nonpareil: A BK Mukherjea Reader

Author:V Sudhish Pai
ISBN 13:9789350358139
Subject:Biography and Autobiography

About the Book

This book marks the commemoration of the 125th birth anniversary of Justice Bijan Kumar Mukherjea. He was a great scholar, saint, jurist and one of the most illustrious judges of matchless qualities who served in the Calcutta High Court, the Federal Court as well as the Supreme Court of India and rendered some memorable and landmark judgments. He ploughed the lonely furrow of scholarship keeping the sacred flame of knowledge trim and bright. His life is an inspiration and his memory a benediction thus persuading the author to come up with the present work. The book contains a biographical sketch of Justice Mukherjea, some writings by and on him, comprehensive editorial notes on his judgments in the Federal Court and the Supreme Court and short notes on his judgments in the Calcutta High Court. They are masterpieces of exposition of law expressed in a pithy language and shedding lambent light on ticklish legal issues. To sample his life and work which the book portrays is to partake of a rich heritage for the lawyer and the non-lawyer alike. It is an admirable and appropriate reminder of his enduring footprints on our jurisprudence illuminating the legal and judicial landscape with his effulgence.