A HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF STUDENT MOVEMENT IN BENGAL: Colonial and Post-Colonial Experiences (1828-1977)
Dr Swapan Kumar Pain
  • ISBN : 9789385719264
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present study throws light on the activities of the students and their participation in the socio-economic issues of Bengal since Derozian movement to 1977. It presents the student movement as a part of socio-economic issues of the society and narrates changing character of the movements and also shows that the movement of the pupil is not the current phenomenon and it took place during the ancient and medieval period in sporadic nature. But, their characteristics had been changed from time to time. In colonial period, the students fought tooth and nail against the British imperialism since the very inception of their ascendancy as well as various social reforms. But in the Post-Colonial era, there was a noticeable change of perspective of the student movements. The goal of the different movements of the students was not only political, but also social, economic, humanistic and cultural. The character of the movements of the students of West Bengal began changing since 1960s. Starting as nationalists they gradually assumed left and extreme left ideology. The movement of the students of West Bengal at different times has been concerned with issues altering from educational problems to socio-economic issues.