A Handbook of Medicinal Herbs: A Source Book of Herbal Remedies (Chemical Constituents Biological Activities and Usage
D J Deshpande
  • ISBN : 9788177542981
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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`Back to the Nature' is now coined phrase, generally and more frequently, used and hence the increased use of natural medicines and remedies over the past two decades has prompted one of the most exciting developments in healthcare in recent times. Keeping with recent growth trends even almost all the allopathic pharmaceutical manufacturers have opened a separate herbal or botanical divisions. They are adopting these natural plant produce in medicines but in their own forms. The principal or theme of Ayurveda which is 5000 yrs old is now being realised and considered valuable, `Treat the origin of disease and the disease itself will get roothed and cured. In other terms the main premise of this age old convential medicine is that curing the origin of disease ultimately leads to a good health. They believe that prevention is ultimately more important than post disease treatment. Adverse drug reactions of Allopathic medicines, its side effects and dependency are the common reasons for hospitali-zations. This had led to many of us no longer happy to accept the risks of prescription drugs and are realising that our ancestors have provided us wealth of nature in pure form to block and treat the origin and disease will itself get cured, in the form of a treasure of herbal medicines or natural health alternatives. With the increased interest in diet, emotional health, well being and exercise, we are becoming more in tune with our bodies and are again looking after or choosing to the messages and advices they have given us. Even more importantly, we are taking steps to prevent-illness rather than simply treat it when it does arise and that is the reason all are willing to try natural substances that not only treat health conditions, at cause levels, bu work with the body to keep it well. In this health care book series on natural herbal remedies this book describes additional plant sources with details that will be useful for all the lovers and admires of Natural Remedies. It will be a good source book for such peoples. A note of caution to all, although they are useful but seeking different nature of each and every human being, one must take them in consultation of physicians.