A Handbook of Indian Art
E B Havell
  • ISBN : 9788194222712
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Havell's is a pioneering work. It introduces the art professionals of England to start studies on Indian Art in England in the early twentieth century. It deals with architecture, sculpture and painting from pre-Aryan Times (dancing Natraja) to the times of Nandlal Bose. The interconnection and inter penetration of various trends are brought out in a comparative perspective from Greek, Mesopotamia to Java. The differences and similarities in Hindu and Muslim practices finds a place, as does Vashnavite and Shaivite practices in North and South India. The Indo-Arayan and Buddhist interconnections are emphasised as much as racial practices about Buddhist sculpture from India to the Far East. A must read work for understanding Cosmic, devotional and thoughts on divinity that inform Indian art in architecture, sculpture and painting. Further the book delves into Commonality and differences of Hindu and Muhammadan practices in art by the time of Akbar and further's the argument to modern times. A must read for the general and the initiated reader.