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A Friendly Approach to Functional Analysis

A Friendly Approach to Functional Analysis

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Author:Amol Sasane
ISBN 13:9780000987631
Subject:Science and Technology

About the Book

This book constitutes a concise introductory course on Functional Analysis for students who have studied calculus and linear algebra. The topics covered are Banach spaces, continuous linear transformations, Frechet derivative, geometry of Hilbert spaces, compact operators, and distributions. In addition, the book includes selected applications of functional analysis to differential equations, optimization, physics (classical and quantum mechanics), and numerical analysis. The book contains 197 problems, meant to reinforce the fundamental concepts. The inclusion of detailed solutions to all the exercises makes the book ideal also for self-study. A Friendly Approach to Functional Analysis is written specifically for undergraduate students of pure mathematics and engineering, and those studying joint programmes with mathematics.