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A Friend Indeed (Sri Gadadhara Pundit the Real Friend of Sri Gouranga)

A Friend Indeed (Sri Gadadhara Pundit the Real Friend of Sri Gouranga)

Author:Radhakrishana Goswami
ISBN 13:9789353249656
Subject:Philosophy and Religion/Saints and Sages

About the Book

In this Book the Author has described the life sketch of Sri Gadadhara Pundit who was not only the lifelong friend but also a sevaka of Lord Sri Chaitanyadeva in Nabadwip and Neelachal Lilas. Only for serving to Sri Gouranga (Sri Chaitanya) Sri Gadadhara Pundit remained unmarried. He was ready to held his friend Sri Gouranga while he became frustrated of seeing Lord Srikrishna but couldn't touch Lord and fainted on the floor. Sri Gadadhara Pundit was also used to control the madness of Sri Gouranga. He was so sincere to worship Gopinathji at Tota (Jungle or Forest) in Puri that he did not even return to Nabadwip. During the period of stayals Sri Gouranga (Sri Chaitanyadeva) had the habit of listening to the reading the Srimadvagawat Geeta and the Srimad Bhagawata by Sri Gadadhara Pundit everyday. Even by leaning on other associates from Gambhira Sri Chaitanydeva used to meet his most beloved Sri Gadadhara Pundit at Tota and listen the readings. At the time of returning to Gambhira sometimes Sri Chaitanyadeva used to fall on the bushes with thorns in ecstasy for love to Lord Srikrishna. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Radhakrishna Goswami (Radhu Goswami) was born in 1946, graduated in Commerce and Humanities (Spl.) and M.A. in Bengali Literature from University of Calcutta. He worked for more than forty years in Reserve Bank of India , Kolkata and after successful completion of service retired as Asstt. Manager in 2006. He used to write short stories and dramas in the beginning. However, with due respect to his father a sincere Vaishnava sadhaka Late Mukundalal Goswami, maternal uncle a learned Vaishnava Late Prankishore Goswami one of the 11th descendants of Nityananda Prabhu and also Sri Purnendu Prasad Bhattacharya (birth 1920-1921 ), a poet, essayist, editor and also one of the freedom fighters for liberation of India he decided to frame afresh manuscript in order to build the book what could quench the thirsts of millions of readers the actual happenings of Sri Chaitanyadeva and his closed association including the services of his the main fellow-soldier Sri Gadadhara Pundit in the neo Goudiya Vaishnava Movement. The Author has been honoured with Sahityasree and Bharat Bhasha Bhushan Awards from ABBSS (Bangaluru and Bhopal), Vrindabandas Awards from Raganuga a Bengali periodical and as the best writer in Scriptures from Mainstream and other organisations.