A Field Guide to the Tiger Beetles of India: Identification and Biology of the Cicindelidae
Pearson, David L, Jürgen Wiesner, Robert E Acciavatti, V P Uniyal and Alexander Anichtchenko
  • ISBN 13 : 9788121109338
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
This Field Guide to the Tiger Beetles of India is the first definitive identification guide to all 241 species of tiger beetles known to occur in India. Its descriptions of habitats, behavior, and ecology make available a group of spectacular insects for both amateur enthusiasts and professional biologists to observe and study. In addition to their value as a hobby, with this field guide tiger beetles can now better serve as a valuable tool for understanding general patterns of biodiversity, biogeography, and conservation within India. Featured in this field guide are: · A list of common names · The latest taxonomic revisions · Thirty-two colour plates with images of all Indian species and subspecies · Identification keys and general descriptions of species characteristics · Distribution maps with the known range of each species within India · Current knowledge of biology and seasonality Contents: Contents: 1. The fascination of tiger beetles. 2. How to recognize a tiger beetle. 3. Phylogeny and taxonomy. 4. Illustrated keys to adult genera and species. 5. Identification of tiger beetle larvae. 6. Species accounts. 7. Ecology and behavior. 8. Biogeography. 9. Conservation. 10. Observing and studying tiger beetles. Selected bibliography. Checklist of the species of tiger beetles of India. Index.