A Colour Handbook On Practical Plant Pathology
Vijay Yadav
  • ISBN : 9789385516177
  • year : 2015
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This Laboratory Manual has been designed for students for easy understanding of basic plant pathological laboratory techniques related with Isolation of pathogen. Preservation of disease sample, Demonstration of Koch.s postutlates. Study of different groups of fungicides and antibiotics. Preparation of fungicides. Methods of application of fungicides. Bio-assay of fungicides, Bio control of plant pathogens and Identification of some important fungal pathogens. The book is fully colour book with digitized images have been made to identify diseases and pathogens with explanations of new terminologies to enhance students understanding about the subject. The book will be useful to beginners, students, instructors, scientists and research workers in the field of Plant Pathology and Agricultural Microbiology