A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE KINGDOM GUGE: History of Ngari Rosary of White Pearl, A Youngster's Ornament
Nyima Samkar
  • ISBN 13 : 9789390752737
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
During the period of disintegration of Tibet, in 923, the Water-Sheep year, Kyide Nyimagon, the undisputed lineage-holder of the Three Great Kings of Tibet, went first to Pureng Ralairu. In 934 of the Wood-horse year, Rala Kharmar was built. Gradually, Nyizung Kukhar was built, and after introducing a new law, Purang, Guge, Maryul and other areas were brought under his control. His son Thri Tashi Gon built Guge fort after carving the blue slate hill of Guge. Since then, 26 Kings ruled there for more than 700 years forming thereby a Guge kingdom of what came to be known as the Cap-size Small Kingdom in Upper Tibet. The author was born in Ruchang, Ngari of Tibet. He escaped in 1959 and sought political asylum in 1960. Graduated from Tibet Homes Foundation in 1973 and obtained BA Degree from Punjab University in 1977. He joined CTA as a junior clerk on 15th June 1977 and at the time of his retirement from CTA on 15th December 2012, he was working as general secretary. He has also authored other books like History of Ngari, Rosary of white Pearl a youngster s ornament in Tibetan and Mount Kailash the White Mirror, Ngari Tibet in English. Contents: 1.Origin of Zhangzhung. 2. The Defeat of Shangyal During Choegyal Trisong Deutsen. 3. Prince Palkhor Tsan Succeeded to the Throne. 4. The Kingdom of Guge. 5. The Guge Kingdom Opened to Foreigners. 6. A Short Note on the Ruins of Guge Fort. 7. The Dark Period in the History of Ngari. 8. History of Ngari Garpon. 9. Ladakh-Kashmir War. 10. Invasion by Nepal in 1854. 11. Invasion of Ngari by Communist China in 1950. 12. The Rule by Successive Garpons.