A Bouquet of Praises for My King!
Gerard Assey
  • ISBN : 9789390124466
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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'A Bouquet of Praises for My KING! is a Powerful Daily Devotional to give to God the only food that He enjoys – ‘PRAISE AND WORSHIP’. Isaiah 43: 21, tells us the one reason why we were created, “This people, I have formed for Myself, they shall declare My praise”. Every one of us was created to declare God’s praise. The main reason we are here on earth is to give God pleasure. Maybe at some time or the other we’ve all asked a question: Why was I created? The Bible gives us a clear answer: ‘to glorify God, fellowship with Him and give Him pleasure’. When we worship Him, we're doing what we were born to do- what we were created to do. God created us with a specific purpose in mind, mainly to know and worship Him. You were made to worship God. If you are not worshiping the Lord, you're not doing what you were designed to do. He designed us so that we could love Him, talk to Him and worship Him. Our relationship with Him is the greatest we can and will ever have. I believe therefore, that this ‘Devotional’, will help do just that. It covers a rare combination of some of the best hand-picked roses that you could give to your Creator every morning in Thanksgiving for Who He is and What He has done for you- the important aspects of God’s Character, His Attributes and other Aspects of HIM, that can throw light and give a deeper understanding and revelation of Who He is. I believe, if we want God to touch us, then we must touch Him- and it is only through our praise and worship! This book will help you do what David said, "Bless the Lord at all times!" by reminding you: -Of your priority and the primary reason you were created. -Of What and Who to focus on the rest of your day. -Of who you are in Christ and who He wants you to be.