A Basic Concept of Civil Engineering
Sunder Narayan
  • ISBN : 9788126927142
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book A Basic Concept of Civil Engineering has been written to explore and explain to the aspiring civil engineers the concept of who, what and why of being a civil engineer. The book tries to explain the concept rather than the details of the topics covered in the field of civil engineering. It explores and explains what the civil engineering is, the history of where it started, who laid the foundation, why it is being done and some basic principles being applied. This book has been written basically for the students of civil engineering and contains ten chapters covering various aspects of civil engineering such as history and branches of civil engineering, professions in civil engineering, civil engineers and the society, building materials and structure, construction process and project management, quality of materials, surveying, civil engineering in transportation, tall structures and urban planning. The first chapter tries to educate the students on what is civil engineering and scope of a civil engineer. And in the subsequent chapters, the concepts and the processes of civil engineering have been briefly explained, which will not only help a civil engineer but also even architects and non-engineers who have a keen interest for a better understanding of the field. The language as well as presentation of the book is good and the subject matters have been explained with the help of line drawings and photographs for clear understanding of the subject. At the end of each chapter references have been provided for further readings. This book will be useful for the students of civil engineering (both B.E. and diploma), architecture, and working professionals. Since it is a basic book, it can be used by anyone who is interested in construction works.