9 TIMELESS NUGGETS: Essential Marketing for the Young and Ambitious
Bharat Bambawale
  • ISBN : 9780670093854
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Nine Timeless Nuggets is a knowledge accelerator for young marketers and an absorbing update for experienced ones. It provides a 2020 perspective on timeless marketing ideas. Arranged in three sections-'How to Think of People', 'How to Craft Your Brand' and 'How to Go to Market'-the book casts new light on eternal marketing fundamentals and makes us rethink some basic questions. Who are we talking to? Why do they buy? Where do brands come from? Where are brands going? How can marketers talk to people? How can they create strong customer connections? How can they build thriving customer relationships? The answers are all here. In Nine Timeless Nuggets, Bharat Bambawale proposes new models for customer motivation, customer relationship and twenty-first-century brand building. Together, these models can provide a strong foundation to any brand's marketing strategy. Through his career, Bharat has helped shape the fortunes of many national, regional and global brands. This gave him a vantage point to observe and experience the underlying principles that drive customers, no matter where they live and which languages they speak. Nine Timeless Nuggets is a distillation of these ideas and concepts.