70 Years of India-Japan Diplomatic Relations Reflections and Way Forward
Edited by Nutan Kapoor Mahawar and Jojin V John
  • ISBN : 9789394915848
  • year : 2024
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Foreword Vijay Thakur Singh Tables and Figures Introduction Nutan Kapoor Mahawar and Jojin V. John Executive Summary Nutan Kapoor Mahawar and Jojin V. John India-Japan Relations: Inaugural Session Welcome Remarks Vijay Thakur Singh Remarks Sanjay Kumar Verma Remarks Kawazu Kunihiko Keynote Address Hiroshi Hirabayashi India-Japan: Relations at 70 Reflections 1. Mapping 70 years of India-Japan Ties: Exploring the Role of Japanese Prime Ministers Purnendra Jain 2. India-Japan Relations at 70 from a Defence and Strategic Perspective G.V.C. Naidu 3. Seventy Years (1952-2022) of Japanese Studies in India: An Appraisal P. A. George India, Japan and the Indo-Pacific: Regional and Strategic Dimension Remarks Hemant Krishan Singh 4. Strategic Imperative of India-Japan Partnership in Indo-Pacific Titli Basu 5. India, Japan and the Indo-Pacific: Exploring Third Country Partnership Jojin V. John 6. India-Japan Emerging Cooperation in Cybersecurity Prakash Panneerselvam and Virain Mohan India-Japan Economic and Development Cooperation: Emerging Dynamics 7. Issues and Prospects for Deepening Japan-India Economic Relations Makoto Kojima 8. India-Japan Trade and Investment Relations: Emerging Trends Prabir De and Tuhinsubhra Giri Civilisational and People to People Relations Remarks Koji Sato 9. From Pilgrimage to Diplomacy: Buddhism in India-Japan Relations Ranjana Mukhopadhyaya 10. India-Japan Cultural Relations: History, Continuity, and the Way Forward Siddharth Singh The Way Forward Remarks Sujan R Chinoy Remarks Saito Mitsunori About the Contributors Conference Programme Index