52 Wake-Up Calls
Allen Klein
  • ISBN : 9789388423878
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
$ 16.00
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Learn how to turn any situation around learn how you can look back at life’s irritants with a big smile. Thanks to the tips, tools and helpful how-tos from the only professional jollytologist, Allen Klein, this is now easy to achieve. On any given day, someone will jump ahead of you at the coffee shop, steal your parking spot or cut you off at the freeway exit—and that is just en route to work, where another minefield awaits your already-frazzled nerves. Klein turned an epic fall into the start of a great and wildly successful career as an author and speaker. 52 Wake-up calls is filled with his wisdom and 52 power tools for turning obstacles into opportunities. For situations ranging from getting a parking ticket to family squabbles and to life-changers such as the loss of a job or spouse, Klein offers wisdom, good humor and coping skills that can improve the quality of your everyday life. The only happiness hack you’ll ever need.