Fifty Major Novels in English Literature
Swati Kumari
  • ISBN : 9789388998604
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This comprehensive study is indented to be useful and popular among students because of the simplicity and directness of explanations of the various terms and concepts, its wealth of illustrative examples enables the reader to assimilate the content without being intimidated by its range and scope. Written in a very careful manner keeping in view of the course requirements it is aimed at familiarising students with the vibrant currents of thought that have enriched the literary enterprise of our time. This book is consisting of fifty chapters that are from near about all ages of popular English literature. These are the mainly significant works by the mainly significant writers to the UGC NET point of view. It covers the mainly significant part in syllabus of D.U., B.H.U., K.U.U. M.D.U., P.U. and near about all universities of India. English Literature presents literary schools, movements, forms, criticism and techniques—including drama and the theatre from the earliest times of literary and critical terms and ideas; with other material that may provide background of understanding to all who, as creator, critic, or receptor. This book is ready for those students who are responsibility their M.A. in English and persons who are preparing for UGC NET/JRF exam. The book will prove to be a great asset to all those readers who want to be more conversant with the various doyens, and their respective works, both in British and Indian Literature.