101 Medical Autopsy Cases: Adult and Pediatric (With Complete Pathological/Clinical Details and Review of Literature)
Nandita Bharadwaj Kakkar
  • ISBN : 9789352706129
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Introduction. Medical Autopsy: The Strongest Teaching Tool in Medicine. 1. Hematological Disorders-Adult Cases. 2. Malignancy-Adult Cases. 3. Infections-Adult Cases. 4. Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Disorders-Adult Cases. 5. Cardiovascular System-Adult Cases. 6. Systemic Vasculitides-Adult and Pediatric Cases. 7. Primary Renal Mucormycosis-Adult and Pediatric Cases. 8. Histiocytosis-Pediatric and Adult Cases. 9. Primary Immunodeficiency-Pediatric Cases. 10. Infantile Nephrotic Syndrome. 11. Infections-Pediatric Cases. 12. Cardiovascular System-Pediatric Case. 13. Hematological Disorders-Pediatric Cases. 14. Storage Disorder. 15. Pediatric Renal Cystic Disease (Developmental/Genetic/Syndromes). 16. Liver Disorders-Pediatric Cases. Abbreviations. Index. Key Features: • Comprehensive compilation of 101 Medical Autopsy Cases (48 Adults and 53 Pediatrics-children, infants, neonates, stillbirths and terminated fetuses) in a case-based manner. • First book in the world literature to have compiled medical autopsy cases with complete clinical/pathological details/gallery of gross and microscopic pictures with review of literature. • The cases have been grouped in the following order: • Hematologic Disorders, Malignancies, Infections, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Disorders, Cardiovascular System, Systemic Vasculitides, Primary Renal Mucormycosis, Histiocytosis, Primary Immunodeficiency, Infantile Nephrotic Syndromes, Congenital Heart Disease, Storage Disorder and Pediatric Renal Cystic Disease (developmental/genetic/syndromes). • Introductory text chapters-Introduction to Medical Autopsy, Systemic Vasculitides, Tubercular Meningitis and Pediatric Renal Cystic Diseases are added for better understanding. • Each AUTOPSY CASE is a complete journey of the patient/deceased and has been concisely discussed under the following headings-title, highlights of the case, clinical details, investigations, clinical diagnosis, complete histopathological or autopsy findings with a gallery of gross and microscopic photographs (3000), final autopsy diagnosis, review of literature, commentary index case, take home message and suggested reading or references.