100 Years of Indian Cinema: Crisis and Resilience
Bandana Jha
  • ISBN : 9789352220137
  • year : 2017
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The book is an invaluable and entertaining guide and resource for the students and general readers. From the year 1913 to 2013, Cinema as a form travelled through a large number of spheres. When the country was under British domination and rule, it was cinema which presented the idea of freedom. When the country was going through the toughest times, it was cinema that actually talked about ideals, aspirations, religion and talked about all the possible ways to lead a better and meaningful life. Cinema as a discipline was trying to become a medium for the masses, which could emerge as something, through which people get meaning and better understanding of their lives. The present book enriched with 27 chapters contributed by experts in their respective fields. With the concepts like Capitalism, Socialism, Independence, Livelihood etc. Indian Cinema was trying to create a new territory of meaning and expertise.