Turning Point: Homoeopathy MCQ"s: Study material with solved & vividly explained Questions of M.D (Homoeopathy) West Bengal & Delhi and Medical Officer (H) UPSC Examinations
Dr Alok Misra and Dr Praveen Kumar Kesarwani
  • ISBN : 9788174672650
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
$ 94.00
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Salient features of the book: Study material of various topics of Homoeopathy & allied sciences in most lucid and easily comprehensible way so that students can get grasp of the MCQ pattern. Study material is designed in a pattern required for study of MCQ. Memory based questions has been prepared for MD(Hom) examinations conducted by WB University. All efforts has been made to preserve the originality of the paper, in this regard memory based questions were noted on the same day on which examination was held so that questions and their four choices could be exactly recorded from the candidates coming out of the examination hall. Authenticity of each question and their multiple choices was verified from various sources. This memory based papers of MD (Hom) entrance examinations are a rare collection and is not available with anybody. Every question is followed by its explanation, giving exact reference (including edition, year and page number), of the source book. Explanation for the possible answer is so vivid that the student will get the whole idea of the question. All explanations are referred to authentic and standard textbooks. After explaining the answer we have provided an Additional Information regarding any other related topic or about other three choices as to why they are not correct. This is one of the most valuable parts of the book. Here we have covered many of the related topic from which future questions can be framed. For explanations and additional information we have taken all possible help and suggestions from the learned faculty of National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata. We have arranged papers in subject-wise order, so that student gets a clear comprehension about how many questions are asked from each subject and so he/she can give required leverage to the subject. This is very valuable suggestion for aspiring competitors and this suggestion is not easily accessible. Before starting each year’s paper we have given subject-wise breakup and the possible textbook from which we have collected the explanations. In this way student will know that maximum question of a subject can be solved by reading which book of a subject. Eg. We have found that maximum questions of Surgery could be solved by reading ‘A Manual of Clinical Surgery by S Das’.