Gayatri Mantra: A GPS to Enlightenment
Jai Paul Dudeja
  • ISBN : 9788184356038
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Adequate number of books on Gayatri Mantra are already available to the readers. Then why this new book on the same subject? This book is different from others in the following ways: First, it is a comprehensive and yet concise book covering almost all the relevant aspects on Gayatri mantra and meditation. Second, unlike some other books, it remains focused throughout only on the Gayatri Mantra and Gayatri Meditation alone; and it does not get astrayed on other aspects (not directly related to this mantra). The book covers only the spiritualistic aspects and NOT the ritualistic aspects of Gayatri Mantra. Every seeker and practioner of this Supreme Mantra will infinitely benefit if the chanting and meditation is done with ascetic discipline, according to the practical guidelines given in this book and with tremendous faith. A separate chapter has been dedicated on the research work done till date on this Maha Mantra. The final chapter is a genuine marketing effort as it explains various benefits of this Mantra to the chanters and meditators. A large number of original Sanskrit mantras, written in Devanagri as well as Roman scripts and their meanings (in English) have been included in order to give authenticity and scholasticism to this book. A sincere effort has been made to ensure that this book appeals equally well to the Vedic scholars, the seekers and the common people. The author believes that the sincerity and hard work put in writing this book on Gayatri Mantra, will result in making it a very popular and useful book among all its readers.